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The Advantages of Intimacy Without Dating

Life is busy, and people want to instantly get what they need without a hassle. This concept is not necessarily applied to dating, but modern living has made changes in how people look at even the most personal aspects of their lives. They might not be ready to settle down, but they do not want to sacrifice intimacy while they wait for the right time. There are many advantages to having an intimate partner without dating, and here are just a few of them.

Avoiding Awkward First Dates

One of the most common complaints about going out on a first date is how awkward it can be, and people struggle to get through the pauses in conversation. Many of them do not know what to say, and it becomes a contest between two people to fill in the gaps as they try to figure out how to talk to their date. They often feel they are on the losing end of a no-win situation, so finding someone who wants intimacy without a relationship bypasses this scenario.

Meeting Family and Friends

When two people date, it does not take long for one of them to suggest they go out with family or friends. In any dating relationship, this can be the event that stops the relationship in its tracks. There are a host of expectations from each person, and trying to be perfect is often the most unpleasant situation any dater will experience. A partner who has no interest in a relationship does not expect meetings with friends and family, so this type of situation does not exist.

Easy Availability

People in a relationship work hard to arrange their time together so it is convenient for both of them, and spontaneous meetings become a thing of the past as they try hard to accommodate the needs of the other person. They must be respectful of their partner’s time and priorities, but having an intimate partner without ties avoids the necessity to think of anything other than what they want and when they want it. It frees up both people to get what they need without the social aspects that take up the time of those in a relationship. It erases the burden of concern because both of them know exactly what they want and part of the agreement is to be there if it is convenient for them.

Online Access

Finding an intimate partner is easier than ever with websites like Shag Local. There are plenty of profiles for users to search, and they are all in the local area. There is no worry about long distances, and the number of profiles gives users a chance to shop for what they want from an intimate partner without the any negative social barriers.

There are few areas in life where instant gratification is obtainable, but finding an intimate partner online has many advantages over being in a relationship. People can select the person they want through a website, and they can make arrangements to meet that are convenient to both of them.